There are 3 types of buildings in Enchanted Realm.  They are Housing, Craft and of course, the Castle.  Housing buildings are the simplest as they have no requirements other than the up front cost to build them.  These buildings are also the only way to increase your population.  The down side to this though, is that while the cost to buld is low, the income received from them is also low.  Craft buildins are the income generating buildings.  These buildings bring in much more incom than the Housing ones do.  This comes with the add requirement of goods for the building to continue producing revenue, as well as a much higher cost to build.  The Castle is what controls the population you can have.  There are 25 levels to the castle, and each one allows for a higher population than the previous with the cost to upgrade going up as well.  The Castle fortunately generates income as well, albeit slowly ,at one every 12 hours.  Both the Housing and Craft buildings require repairs on occassion, which have an additional cost to perform.  If a building is in need of repair, until the repair has been completed, no income can be generated from it.  Here's is a basic list of what to remember about each type of building:


  • High Population
  • Low Income
  • Low Cost
  • No Requirements


  • No Population
  • High Income
  • High Cost
  • Require Goods


  • Controls Population Limit
  • 25 Levels
  • Slow Income Generation
  • No Requirments