• Q:How do you get friends?
  • A:I suggest going on Google Play and Facebook.They will have friend codes.
  • Q:Where can I find my friend code to share on Google Play?
  • A:Click on the button with the 2 guys.Above,you will see your friend code.
  • Q:I have a error message when going to social.Why?
  • A:It could be because you have bad internet connection,the server has bad connection, or because you are banned for cheating.
  • Q:Is there a wall?
  • A:On Android,no.On IOS yes.


  • Q:Is all Magic cost Crystals?
  • A:Yes.
  • Q:What does Magic do?
  • A:Magic can give you items,or give you gold!


  • Q:I put a building in an empty spot but it won't allow me.Why?
  • A:Because you do not have a road connected to it.
  • Q:Can I plant a tree?
  • A:No.Once you chopped down a tree you can't make a new one.Sorry.

Buying Gold or CrystalsEdit

  • Q:Do I need a Google Account to purchase?
  • A:Yes,a Google Account is required.
  • Q:What does the Magic Wand do?
  • A:It makes the price for Crystals or Gold smaller.